BC Chill (and go) Out!


BC Chill (and go) Out!

Hi guy.Today I find my trousers in wardrobe and  I found this! I wonder how Kelvin will look like if he wear it xD So,that’s why I make this haha (BTW this trousers is “REWORK” of Santa Set.Re-create all things) hope you like it :]



Texture size : 2048*2048

Style : 2 Light and Shadow

Support : Young adult , adult [Male]



(Shorte.st + Simfileshare)

light shdow

thank you for download xD

4 thoughts on “BC Chill (and go) Out!

  1. Yo, there’s something wrong with this mod. It causes for my sims game to never get pass the loading screen. Honestly, three of your mods are like this. They are BC Chill Out, BNX RN 2k and BNX RN 4k. Out of ALL the mods I had within the game, none was causing that issue but these three.

    1. I’m sorry about that but I afraid I can’t check them anymore because I have no Sims 3 installed on my computer. ( I have no space T-T)
      If it’s really causing the problem you suggest to remove them.

      Sorry again.

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