This BTTB (Better Body) will only require when you using BTTB required content.

Content That Required BTTB:


(And give me a piece of Croissant)


  • Update 3
    • Add Bottom part
    • Add Curve for Top part

Term of Use

This CC is not included in Creater Support content and it mean:
Do not re-upload this CC to another website.
Do not claim it to your own.
This CC allow to edit but don’t publish without my permission.


12 thoughts on “BNX BTTB

  1. Hi! I wanted to let you know that my Sims 4 didn’t start because of this file (The top file) Spent hours searching. Finally I used “Mod conflict Detector” It said there was something wrong with the file?!. So I deleted it and The Sims 4 worked fine after that.

      1. Sorry, but it was my own fault. I downloaded the Sims 3 lipstick, supposing it was a Sims 4 file. I’m so sorry..working fine now. I deleted the Sims 3 file ….Thanx four your beautiful preset!

    1. I maybe hard for me because BTTB have edit (remove/add) a lot of vertex while preset can’t add or removea ny single vertex. But I will think about it and I also plan to do a morph as well (They might have similar workflow, I think 🤔)

  2. BTTB now is not compatible with most of CC. If I make it as preset it can be compatible with all CC but BTTB will lost its details. I’m finding the way to make it more usable with other’s cc. 😭🙏

  3. Hello there, BTTB bottom isn’t working and i can’t figure out why? can you help me about this please? thanks is advance.

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